Öğrenmek için Dünyaya ilham kaynağı.



    Öğrenme belki de en insani bir özelliktir.  Deneyim yoluyla bilgi edinmek öğrenmektir.
    Içerik ve iletişim yoluyla çevremizdeki dünyayı anlamaktır.
    Bu anne karnında başlar ve son nefesimiz ile biter. Bizle insan olarak her şeyden önce öğrenen öğrencileriz.

    But the world can be a harsh teacher — natural learning is chaotic, random at best; the knowledge we acquire, only a coincidence of time and space.
    So we arranged learning, we stored knowledge; we classified it and made it available to everyone.
    But the needs of the many were not the needs of the individual.
    We lacked the ability to make learning personal.

    Now technology has given us the opportunity to reimagine education.
    To experience knowledge naturally — to share, to explore and absorb the world around us.
    To inspire curiosity and learning beyond curriculum. To find that intrinsic motivation that makes us passionate to know more.

    To make it personal. To do more.
    To change the world. And create a lasting impact. That is our mission.


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